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Wellness Software Solutions

Carey & Conner Wellness Consulting, LLC is a software consulting company. Carey & Conner Wellness is on a mission of helping educate and consult the medical industry with the importance of preventative health. Carey & Conner Wellness Consulting, LLC began by purchasing the right to MediCloud Solutions, LLC. MediCloud Solutions is

MediCloud Mobile Software

wellness-focused mobile and desktop software geared to making healthcare more efficient, affordable, error free. The goal of the software is to change how data is collected and dissemination in the delivery of  wellness and related services by improving data quality and customer satisfaction, while reducing costs.

Carey & Conner Wellness Consulting, LLC is focused on helping the health care community with the best software solution to keep up with HIPPA, the Stimulus Act, the HITECH Act and the Affordable Care Act. These government mandates are based on three principles: 1) Improving the care of patients, 2) Improving the wellness of the general population, 3) Reducing Healthcare costs.


MediCloud Mobile Solutions™ is a technology company that has created sustainable, paperless solutions for data collection that streamlines business processes and improves data integrity for Health and Wellness companies.

Shortly after the first iPad™ was introduced, the executives at MediCloud Mobile Solutions™ determined that tablet technology could have a revolutionary impact on the way services can be delivered to businesses and individuals outside of a traditional medical setting.  With the advent of PPACA, many preventive services became a fully covered benefit under most insurance programs.  With the subsequent upholding of the law by the Supreme Court, it has become apparent that preventive care provisions will remain law and are generally the most popular components of the PPACA legislation.




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